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Adam Dybkowski





Telefon intranetowy






Promotor pracy

dr inż. Tomasz Starecki









Warszawa, luty 2002

The Intranet Telephone


The main purpose of the thesis was to design a hardware implementation of a phone that transmits sampled voice through Ethernet local network using IP protocol. The thesis contains a review of commercially available Intranet telephones. The main IP network protocols are described, including IP, ARP, ICMP and UDP together with Ethernet 10 Mb/s standard. Then the design process of telephone electronics is described, including circuit diagrams, and specifications of the integrated circuits used in the design, and the firmware (implemented mainly in C language with short functions written in DSP assembler).

Słowa kluczowe:

Telefonia IP, VoIP, telefony, przetwarzanie sygnału mowy, przetwarzanie sygnałów, procesory sygnałowe.

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